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3fs Global International

3FS Global International LLC, founded was founded by a team comprised of over 60 years of import/export capabilities and success. Adequately well versed and within our corporate walls, we offer multiple levels of strategic alliance partnership possibilities.

Our goal is to work and grow together with you. The team has over 60 years of import and export capabilities with success. We bring professionalism and dedication to our work everyday. Our work is backed by guaranteed results that you can count on.

We are family based business  that works together to offer to you the
best deal according to your specifications. Our agents are ready 24/7
to give you the personal attention you deserve. In times like these its
important to deal with only qualified suppliers which we have through
our multiple strategic alliance partners around the world.

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Why Choose Us

We are attempting to change a trend that has grown so quickly since the virus. Our goal is to offer some of the lowest price points on PPE equipment to private sectors or the general public. We are  a link in a long chain but considered the strongest one of our affiliates.

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Eco Friendly

We source quality product while focusing on minimal environmental impact because we understand our important role in this industry.

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Dedicated Agents

Through every step of the process we have dedicated agents, not robots, working directly with you.

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Global Network

Our global network of experts are ready to help all year around. Teams are available around the clock.

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Proven Success

With a combined experience of over 60 years, our team has a track record of proven success around the world.

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Complete Coverage

We have capabilities to handle every step of the import/export process. From procurement to delivery you’re covered.